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MEGAINVEST Ltd. has been established in 1997. It is 100% private Company managed and represented by its owner Mr.Tzvetan Tzvetanov.
After the company was established its main activity was trade, as well as importing different kinds of meat and skimmed milk powder.
In 1998, Megainvest Ltd. buys the milk-processing factory "Serdika"-Biala town. Now it known as company Lactisa - a part of Megainvest Ltd. which is specialized in the production of white and yellow sheep and cow cheese. A big  part of the production is exported  to Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Kosovo, Macedonia, Lebanon, Kuwait, etc.
In 2004 Megainvest Ltd.acquires 100% shareholding in Dupnitsa Road Maintenance Ltd. and Regional Veterinary Station Rousse Ltd.
The main activity of Dupnitsa Road Maintenance Ltd.  is current repair and maintenance of roads, road accessories, road gears, urban and municipal communications and infrastructure around it. The company has won many public contracts.
Dupnitsa Road maintenance Ltd. was awarded with the Golden Prize for best practice in the construction category in the Republic of Bulgaria.
The company has built a residential building with garages in Sofia, in the area "Krastova vada"- one of the most prestigious and ecologically clean areas of the city, near Vitosha mountain.

It consists of three entrances with 32 apartments, 4 three bedroom apartments, 8 studios and a large garden.  
Since 2004 Megainvest Ltd. deals with the import of road transportation equipment, exportation of cheese to the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, and by 2009 with intra-Community supplies to Great Britain and Romania.

The company is successfully developing and finding new market niches and is quickly establishing itself as one of the main distributors of classic brands as Olinezza, Deroni, Bull Vita, Compass, and it is the sole distributor of round cheese  - a special patent of  Lactis Ltd.
The quality and distribution of the company’s products, and the loyalty to clients and already established partnerships have made Megainvest an attractive and reliable partner.